Welcome to our collection of free title cards for your enjoyment!

Simply click the drop down boxes below and click on the one you with to use. This will open a Microsoft Word document into which you can type your record titles and print out onto your own paper or card.

Alternatively, if you have purchased our red or blue pre-perforated A4 title card sheets then please click on the relevant link below. This will open an Adobe Acrobat online form in a new browser tab which you can type your record titles into and print out.

red A4 title card sheet template

blue A4 title card sheet template

If you need help using this service then you can use the following link to a pdf with some instructions:

Instructions For Printing With Our Pre-Perforated Titlecards

You will need to install Adobe Acrobat DC on your machine to use the pre-perforated sheet templates properly, that can be found via the link below:

Standard Title Cards

bluearrow bluearrowadult bluearrowcw bluearrowoldy bluearrowpop bluearrowsoul greenarrow greenarrowadult greenarrowcw greenarrowoldy greenarrowpop greenarrowsoul purplearrow purplearrowadult purplearrowcw purplearrowoldy purplearrowpop purplearrowsoul purpletitlecards redarrow redarrowadult redarrowcw redarrowoldy redarrowsoul swing1

The Beatles Title Cards

Christmas Title Cards

christmas1  christmas2 christmas3christmas4 christmas5 christmas6 christmas7 christmas8 christmas9 christmas10 christmas11 christmas12 christmas13 christmas14 christmas15 christmas16 christmas17

Metal Title Cards

acdccartoonband acdchellsbell gunsnrosesbadge gunsnrosesskull ironmaideneddieguitar kizzcartoonband kizzgene kizzgenehead ledzeppelinangel ledzeppelinstairway motorheadblueskull motorheadgoldskull rollingstoneslips thinlizzyblackrose whitesnakelovehunter