There are many reasons that people buy a jukebox and there are many aspects of your choice that make it the one for you but there is no denying the purpose of that beautiful classic that you have lit up in the corner, to play music.

Here at the jukebox shop we love vinyl and we love the feeling of finding an old record that brings the memories flooding back when you play it, but there is no denying the fact that there is so much more that you listen to now. Maybe like us you listen to internet radio, podcasts, classical music, modern dance mixes or just music that has never been released on vinyl. Isn’t it time you let the most expensive piece of audio equipment you have probably ever bought live up to it’s true purpose? Well now you can, with:

The Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor.

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Connect any Bluetooth capable device to your jukebox and stream high quality audio through your machine, releasing the previously unheard audio potential that the sound engineers designed into their machines.

This unit has been designed as ‘plug and play’ for the Wurlitzer 1800 up to Wurlitzer 2600 jukeboxes. The whole design has been geared around simple fitting so that anyone without technical knowledge can use it.

The adaptor has been designed to be flexible and it is possible to fit it to the majority of jukeboxes with minimal modification, all of which can be done in our workshops if necessary. Imagine unlocking the potential of that 78 player that you hardly ever use, those Wurlitzer 1015’s sound much better than you ever imagined. We have been fitting these to our customers jukeboxes over the last twelve months and they are blown away by the sound quality and ease of use.

I know what you are thinking, I don’t want to ruin the value of my investment by modifying my jukebox. Well, don’t worry, we understand what makes your jukebox valuable and so have ensured that there will be no detrimental effect to the originality of your pride and joy.

We also understand that you still want to use your jukebox as normal, without the need to swap leads or flick switches. That is why the Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor integrates seamlessly with your jukebox, allowing you to play any bluetooth audio whilst still using the original vinyl capability.

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The Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor unit is not simply a cheap Bluetooth receiver. We have spent hundreds of hours building and testing this unit to work specifically with your jukebox. So how does it work?

When fitted to your machine it has to carry out a number of functions. To understand this you need to understand what happens when you make a selection on your jukebox:

  • At rest the amplifier is turned off, and muted.
  • When a selection is made the machine powers up the amplifier.
  • When the stylus hits the record the mute is removed from the amplifier.
  • Circuits in the amplifier then fade up the sound and stabilise the volume.
  • When the stylus lifts off the record the amplifier is again muted.
  • If there are no further selections the amplifier is turned off.

Our clever little box of tricks handles all of this without disturbing the function of your jukebox.

  • It will turn on the jukeboxes amplifier when a bluetooth signal is found.
  • It is able to be used for stereo or mono inputs.
  • It has a specially designed sensor which informs the adaptor whether your jukebox is in the mute or play mode.
  • It has a high quality, state of the art preamplifier for the bluetooth signal although the Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor utilises the valve output stage of your existing amplifier to get that authentic sound you payed so much for.
  • Volume and tone can be adjusted from your bluetooth device, independent of the jukebox (although the main volume control of your jukebox will always have the final say on how loud it is).
  • The Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor will go into standby mode after two minutes of inactivity.

All of these functions come without affecting your jukeboxes normal operation:

  • When a record is selected on your jukebox, the adapter will pause the Bluetooth track and mute the amplifier.
  • All vinyl records are played in the normal way with all muting and AVC functions.
  • When the record selections are finished the adapter will re start the Bluetooth track and maintain power to the amplifier

The audio quality cannot be overstated. You will not believe how amazing these machines can sound, a true testament to the Audio Engineers who designed the amplifiers and loudspeaker networks in these classic machines. The sound systems in your jukebox were cutting edge when they were built, they were the best available anywhere. To get the full pleasure from your jukebox and your Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor please make sure that your amplifier and speakers have been restored to the highest standard. Our adaptor is only as good as the equipment it is plugged into. If you need any further advice please contact us:

Jukebox Shop Bluetooth Adaptor’s are available from us at a price of £375 plus postage and packing.

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