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Delivered – Space Age AMi ‘Continental II’ 200

The world goes mad for Astronauts when Yuri Gagarin reaches orbit in his Vostok spacecraft and the USA launches Project Apollo. The AMi designers took notice and this AMi ‘Continental II’ Jukebox is clearly showing it’s 1960’s space age credentials

Ami flew into the modern age by making this their first Stereo-Round jukebox and so entered the world of Stereo Hi Fi sound. With its speakers designed to make full use of a corner position and the curved title panel hovering above the visible mechanism operating under it’s glass bubble, this is a stunning design classic.

Maybe it’ll be playing Telstar by The Tornadoes… Released in 1962, the same year as this AMi beauty… That would be perfect.

Delivered – This Stunning Rock Ola ‘Tempo One’ 120

These Rock Ola jukeboxes just ooze 50’s America. With the big wrap around windshield and tail fin button casting details they are straight out of everyones Rock N’Roll dream.

This 1959 ‘Tempo One’ holds 60 records (120 selections) but was fitted with our bluetooth connection kit so that the new owner can not only play his treasured vinyl 45’s but also any of his digital music through this jukes vintage valve amplified sound system. Hey Siri… play me my favourite songs!

We have another of these that has just arrived on our container as well as plenty more jukes, take a look at the unrestored jukeboxes section of the website.

Our Latest Container Is Loaded

Our latest container full of jukeboxes is on it’s way from New York (with a few extra items for people who have bought space on our container).

All available items are in the unrestored jukeboxes section of the website.


The Jukebox Shop Re-Opens It’s Doors By Appointment Only.

We are opening the doors to the showroom again (although it is strictly by appointment only) so I thought I’d share this beautiful restored Wurlitzer 2300 with you all. They are stunning jukeboxes, and this one was delivered to our customer earlier this year with it’s specially customised granite effect sides.

We have a container that is due to leave New York any time soon and there are 5 of these models onboard that are available for restoration. Built in 1959, these were the first model that Wurlitzer offered with brand new ‘Stereophonic Sound’.

Take a look at our unrestored jukeboxes page to see what is coming in and let us know if you are be interested in anything.

Is This Ami The Most Collectable Silver Age Jukebox?

As we get back to delivering to our customers who have been patiently waiting during the lockdown, I thought we would share this 200 electric select AMi Model I we delivered earlier this year. You can see why it is considered the holy grail for AMi Jukebox collectors, in fact Jukebox collectors full stop.

They have the stunning good looks and an amazing sound – an icon of 50’s jukebox engineering.

Needless to say, this customer was happy to add this to his growing collection.

Another From The Archive: Delivery Of This Wurlitzer 1700 Last Christmas

As we prepare to start making some deliveries of jukeboxes that we have been holding during the Covid-19 pandemic I thought we’d share this beautiful 1954 Wurlitzer 1700 that we delivered to another happy customer just in time for Christmas last year.

This Vinyl Jukebox sounds as good as it looks with its original valve amplifier and one of our specially designed Bluetooth connection kits fitted to make full use of it.

The parties were most definitely rockin’ around their Christmas tree.

Do Gentlemen Prefer AMI H 200 ‘Blondes’?

I thought we’d share some pictures of jukeboxes that we have delivered but you didn’t get to see because we were busy restoring instead of posting on the website.

This 200 select Ami is in cream and copper, released from the factory as the ‘Blonde’ version of the 1957 model H.

It plays its original vinyl 45’s as well as seamlessly streaming from any bluetooth source and looked stunning in the corner of our customers living room when we delivered it last year.

I’m sure they’d agree that with this blonde, you are sure to have more fun!

Still Busy Restoring

Here at The Jukebox Shop we may not be able to open the showroom at the moment but we are still taking telephone enquiries and orders for jukeboxes as the workshops still restore ready for delivery as soon as we can. We thought we’d share a couple of quick photographs of an amplifier that has been recently rebuilt for a customer. These old Wurlitzer valve units sound exceptional when they have had a proper job done!

Beautiful 78rpm Wurlitzer 1015 With Added Bluetooth Functionality

These 1940’s Wurlitzer’s really are the most beautifully designed jukeboxes, you can see why the 1015 became the iconic image of an era. The only problem is, you only get to play the A sides of its twenty four 78rpm records. That is why our bluetooth kit makes this machine much more than a beautiful novelty, allowing you to listen to anything at all through that mellow 40’s valve amp and its 15″ speaker.

This customer was listening to so much more than classical and 1940’s swing on his jukebox once we’d delivered it.

A Restored Wurlitzer 1700 with extra Bluetooth Kit

The 1700 was the first dedicated 7″ 45rpm playing jukebox that Wurlitzer released in 1954 and 65 years later it looks just as good in this customers house. We went one step further with this jukebox and added one of our bluetooth connection kits so that as well as playing those 45’s as it should, it will play anything you have through your phone or any bluetooth connected device.